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What We Do

DotsnPix crafts top-tier digital experiences for leading brands through expert design and technology.

Digital Product Design

Our Design and Brand team incorporates modern, clean design thoughtfully and consistently to transform based on globally recognized standards and platforms.

User-Centered Design

Accessibility Standards

Adaptability to Emerging Technologies

Iterative Prototyping and Testing

Comprehensive Market Research

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From original idea to polished product, we acquire a deep understanding of your target market’s needs to design go-to digital products that connect your goals with your valued customer.

Customized Solutions with CMS Expertise

Iterative Prototyping and Testing

Strategic Goal Alignment

Responsive and Cross-Browser Compatibility

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Mobile/Web Application

We have a keen eye for bringing people together under your brand, for the latest web/mobile app designs and technology trends. We code websites that come alive with your community for the future of your business.

Community-Centric Design

Incorporation of Latest Design Trends

Technology Integration for Engagement

Scalable and Future-Ready Solutions

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Front-end Development

We have specialists experienced in HTML/CSS, SaSS, WordPress, React.JS, Angular, Vue.js and other popular JS technologies to make your applications stand out from the competitors.

Diverse Technology Stack Proficiency

Responsive and Cross-Browser Compatibility

Customized Solutions with CMS Expertise

Interactive User Interfaces with JS Frameworks

Performance Optimization and Accessibility

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Need A Reliable Performer?

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Based in Karachi, Pakistan.
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